A huge thank you to the 85+ people who attended the training sessions on November 23 at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center!

Not only did we devour six dozen donuts, but we also logged more than 300 deeds with racially restrictive covenants in them. In fact since then, we’ve logged a total of 500+ deeds so far, and we’ve even started to retire some of them, which means that the very next newsletter and blog post will start mapping them!

We’ve also had a number of fantastic suggestions on how to make the Zooniverse experience more user-friendly and easy, and so we’ve updated a few things:

  • We’ve set up the “Talk” function, which you can directly access by clicking here, or you can find it in the upper-right corner of the Zooniverse project’s home screen, as shown here circled in red. 
  • We’ve also set up a cool new function within the Classification process, where you can choose whether you want to see a multi-page deed as one continuous scroll (the default)…Or now (as pictured above) if you click this little “film-strip” button in the lower-left corner of the screen, circled in red, you can turn on what’s called the “flip-book” function, which allows you to toggle between pages while keeping the Task bar on the same page.
  • We’ve also updated the “Field Guide” tab on the right side of the screen (within the Classify section) to now include a Glossary of Terms as well as individual links to helpful hints for each of the 10 Tasks. What’s great about this “Field Guide” tab is that it allows you to see more detailed information while staying on the page. Please feel free to suggest anything more you think could be helpful to have here.

I’ll also be updating the YouTube video to reflect these changes, and then reposting it on the Mapping Cville home page, as well as sending it out in our next e-newsletter update.

Future Mapping Cville updates will come in two ways: (1) I’ll post regular updates here on the home website, and you can sign up to receive these regular posts by email in the sign-up form on the right margin of the home page, and (2) I’ll also be sending out monthly newsletter emails that summarize everything we’ve accomplished in the previous month. You can sign-up for that monthly newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/bP3br9

And lastly, we’re talking about hosting another round of training sessions sometime in early January, but in the meantime if you’d like a small group session (neighborhood associations, churches, schools, social clubs, knitting circles, anything!) I’m more than happy to come speak (I do a longer, more in-depth version of the history portion of the presentation) and then do a short training and a hands-on logging session, just shoot me an email at: jordyyager@gmail.com

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