3. (1903-1910) East High Street – Little High Street

You have now helped us log nearly 1,000 property records with racist covenants in them! This, in itself, is amazing and fantastic, but it also means that, in addition to mapping them, we now have enough data to begin telling the chronological story of how these racist covenants spread and evolved in Charlottesville and Albemarle … Continue reading 3. (1903-1910) East High Street – Little High Street

2. Montebello

We're officially more than 75% of the way through Round 1, which means we've successfully logged more than 450 deeds! And that means we're ready to do some more mapping. For our next plotting, we're heading over towards the University of Virginia to an area known as Montebello, in the larger Jefferson Park Avenue neighborhood. … Continue reading 2. Montebello

1. Lexington Ave

We're making great progress! After launching the public portion of the Mapping Cville project less than two months ago, we’ve completed more than 1,200 loggings of racially restricted properties in Charlottesville, retiring more than 200 deeds. So let’s get to mapping! The very first properties we're able to map are 4 on Lexington Avenue: Which … Continue reading 1. Lexington Ave